To bathe the baby at any time of the day, but this is best done before the evening feeding. After bathing the child will be good appetite, he will sleep better throughout the night.
Baby bath before the procedure should be thoroughly washed with soap and water and rinse with boiling water. At the bottom of the bath install a special stand – hill. Put on her diaper to the baby and it is not slipping.
Bath water need to boil and cool. The water temperature should not exceed 37-38°C. Control it with a special water thermometer. Add water, a little solution of potassium permanganate, decoction of chamomile or succession.
In advance, prepare everything you need: soap, a soft washcloth, towel and spare set of clothes for the baby. Use a special baby soap to avoid causing the child any irritation or allergies. Wash your baby soap no more than twice a week.
Before bathing off all jewelry, so as not to inadvertently scratch the baby. Bathe your baby in the bath best together. One person should hold the child, and the second to wash.
Immerse your baby in water gradually, keeping the head and lumbar region. Give a little time to a child accustomed to the water. To start, soak only the feet and hands. Take your time and don't make any sudden movements.
Try to do everything carefully, quietly talking to the baby or singing a song. First wash the neck and chest, then belly, arms, legs, back, and head. Carefully wash the folds in the neck, armpits, groin, elbow and knee bends.
Carefully follow the position of the baby in the bath while bathing so that water did not get into eyes, ears or mouth. Duration of bathing should not be more than ten to fifteen minutes.
Immediately after bathing to wrap the baby in towel, Pat dry, brush all wrinkles baby cream and put in the prepared clothes.