Give your baby a signal to listen to the signal that will now be available. It is easier to attract the attention of the child, calling him by name. But it is impossible to do it from the next room, from a distance, because a key element of this stage – the look in his eyes. Requests given to looking into the eyes, often cause a respect and a desire to obey. So, call the child by name, stand near him, look into his eyes. If a little to call by name, then tell me straight: "Look at me", and if necessary take it on the chin.
Your opinion has suspended the activity of the child, now is the time to order. Be respectful, but firm, without hesitation. Sure that your nonverbal behavior is also expressed authority. Your gestures, facial expression, intonation, posture must be under control. Stand a short distance from the baby, take a commanding position. Do not ask, and just tell me what you want. Enough one order. Perhaps the child will protest. Do not discuss, do not start a debate. Should give him one explanation, especially not elaborate, and not repeating what was already said. If the child continues to ask questions, then answer: "I've already said everything". Ask the child to repeat what was said to him.
After your request, you have to just stand and look closely at the child for another fifteen seconds. Don't move. This may seem strange, but a closer look will make the child think about what he needs to do. He might ask what it is you see. The question you can not answer, or say that you are waiting for him to do as told. Remember that you don't have to explain.
If the child complied with the request, you should be sure to praise him. Give him marks of gratitude and approval.