One of the most common reasons for crying; problems in the gastro-intestinal tract. His system is not yet fully formed and very sensitive. If a baby has a stomach ache, after feeding take him up and arrange in a vertical position. Let a bit position of "soldier" and soon the characteristic light belching you will understand that start to work digestive system. The baby will soon become easier.
You can use old proven tools from colic: give the baby a drop of gripe water. It will help him to get rid of excessive gases in the intestines. Put the baby on my knees on the warm diaper is placed under his belly hand, make a gentle massage, stroking clockwise. Warm water bath will also help to deliver him from this trouble. But the warming of the abdomen should not do it not to hurt anymore. If cramps do not stop, maybe you better see a doctor.
Maybe your baby is just hungry? Feed his breast, in a later age, give a bottle with milk or porridge.
The tired baby calmed down and fell fast asleep, like, holding him, slowly okruzite it ukucajte in the cradle. Talk to him. Your calm and confident voice, nice soft music - miracle cure to strengthen the nervous system your firstborn.
View sure the child was comfortable to lie down, do not interfere with any hard folds on the clothing or diapers? Whether the reason worry baby's soiled diaper or diapers? Peredelanye child is not very tight, but more accurate. Once, in the old days, babies even intentionally swaddled in special sturdy strips of fabric.
If possible and weather conditions allow, often try to take the child to fresh air. This is very useful for his health, not to mention the fact that he calms down faster and stronger falls asleep.
Attract the attention of the kid who is naughty, something interesting: show a bright, beautiful toy, a ball, a live plant on the windowsill. Everything new and unique they will love.
And the most important means of calming the baby is the smile, your love for him, attention. And then you will be very good to understand the reasons for the change in his behavior, and he will have all the less reason for whims and crying.