Glycine may be administered to patients of any age. Unfortunately, even newborns often need treatment. Elevated anxiety and some other problems, neurologists are trying to start a therapy with soft drugs with a low incidence of side effects, one of which is glycine. The ease of use of this drug in newborns is that there is no need to pound the pill and to fill her mouth to the baby (what not to do in principle). The drug can be taken by a breastfeeding mother. Since glycine is perfectly penetrates in fluids and tissues of the body, the therapeutic dose will be in the breast milk. Nursing mothers it is not going to hurt, and on the contrary, will benefit. Except in the case of individual intolerance of the drug it is not necessary to resort to this Council. Dosage medication for nursing mothers must get a doctor, but usually one pill three times a day is enough to effect the baby.
If the kid is on artificial feeding or the mother's idiosyncrasy glycineand the drug is administered directly to the child. Children under years recommended a two-fold application of the drug with a preliminary grinding of the tablets. As a rule, neurologists prescribe the kids half of a tablet at the reception. Medication is not necessary.
Older children the drug is prescribed for poor sleep or to ease psychological state when adapting to different situations. Fellow working mother leaves with a babysitter, the first time will be very worried. Also many children struggling with adaptation to nursery or kindergarten. Parental divorce generally has a negative impact on the child. In all these and similar cases, neurologists recommend taking glycine one tablet three times a day. Young children is shown taking the crushed form of the drug. Those who are older, you can offer to dissolve the tablet by placing it under the tongue.
If a child suffers from sleep disturbance, intake of glycineand got moved to the evening. Usually thirty-day course of treatment is enough to improve sleep quality. And the dosage is one tablet.
Younger children and teenagers glycine is prescribed to improve health by the end of the school term and during exams. 1-2 tablets of the drug three times a day to help cope with any mental stress.