You will need
  • - computer with Internet access;
  • - iTunes.
On that computer, install iTunes. Download removal tool from Apple in the iTunes section. Keep in mind that this software is distributed free of charge. The installation process will not take more than five minutes, and upon its completion, the computer will have to reboot. In the future, don't forget to update iTunes because a new iOS version on iPad require new versions of the software for the successful cooperation.
Hold the power button on the iPad for a few seconds to load the device. On the welcome screen select the language and region where you live. Connect device using cable, to the computer. Cable the iPad should be inserted carefully so as not to damage the connector. After successful connection to the computer iTunes starts and detects connected device.
On the main activation page, where it says greeting and a small description of what you need to do is click "Next". Read the license agreement and check the box in the appropriate field. Without your consent to continue the activation will be impossible. Click again "Next". iTunes will start recording and at the end will report on the successful activation.
After synchronizing the device with the program, disconnect the iPad from the computer and continue the configuration. The next step is to configure geo-location. It can be skipped to quickly activate the product. Moreover, this function can be connected later in the General settings of the iPad when the device will work in full mode.
Give your consent to the fulfillment of the terms of use and refrain from sending with your device error messages to the center of the Apple. Cancel the option should be, because she regardless of your decisions, your activity will "eat" the prescribed traffic. But to register an Apple ID is right, of course, if you do not have an account. This account is common to all Apple apps. In the last step select: to start the iPad as new device or restore a backup from iCloud.