You will need
  • A textbook on descriptive geometry, the runtime of drawings (AutoCAD or Compass 3D)
Learn to solve tasks on descriptive geometry is possible only with the ability to make plots (figure) according to reports. For this you need to learn how to mark a characteristic point on the additional types. It is also very important to deal with the topic of "intersection of planes". Any plane in the drawing looks like one or more direct.
To mark a characteristic point on the drawing, you need to find the intersection of two planes (in the case of one projection, it'll look like the intersection of the straight lines). For each projection we need to mark all of the characteristic point.
The next step is the connection of characteristic points between them. Usually in problems in descriptive geometry is required to find a characteristic point or to build a third projection on the two known (usually ask to finish the form of "the left"). The most important step when creating a plot is just connecting the dots. For him each point on one of the projections we are signing a letter or a number. Further, after the transfer of the characteristic points on the other two projection sign each transferred point to the corresponding starting point of the symbol. Then we connect the dots between the additional projections as they were connected in a given projection.