To enter a Roman number into a Word processing document, hit “Ctrl+F9”. Where the cursor is will be two curly braces marked in grey. Inside the parentheses, enter the desired number (in Arabic numerals from 0 to 9) in the following form: "=a number*Roman" (without quotes). Then again press F9, and Arabic numerals are converted to the original Roman number.
If you need to correct Roman number, click the right mouse button. From the opening context menu click "Codes/field values". Roman number again will turn into an editable format "=number*Roman" in brackets. Correct the number written in the usual Arabic numerals, and again press F9 to convert it to a Roman number. The changes are made.
The Russian version of Microsoft Excel is also provided with a similar function. This function is called ROMAN. To enter a Roman numeral, select a blank cell in the document, and record the number in the following format: "=ROMAN(number)" (without the quotes!), where "number" is recorded the usual Arabic numerals. Then press "Enter". Arabic numbers are converted to Roman.
Edit Roman numerals as follows. Click a cell with the Roman numeral. In the line "Insert function" (fx) will be a recording of the figures in an editable format "=ROMAN(number)". Just write the new number in Arabic numerals and press "Enter".