You will need
    • Bamboo Mat to roll (Macy's)
    • Rice specials.brands (Nishiki, etc. with a high gluten content) 0.5 kg
    • Rice vinegar (sauce) 100 ml
    • Any filling: raw tuna
    • grilled sea perch (tilapia)
    • fresh vegetables
    • cut into strips in any combination
    • fruit – avocado
    • mango
    • kiwi.
    • Masago (for decoration)
    • or any color flying fish ROE (tobiko)
    • Algae plates (nori)
Cook rice for sushi. To do this, rinse the rice in three or four waters, fill with clean water and soak for 20 minutes. Drain the water, fill with clean water and cook without salt. Water 0.5 kg of soaked rice take 350-400 ml. After the water boils, and its level equal to the level of rice, turn down the heat to low so the rice languished (or evaporated) until tender. The rice should not be overcooked, stuck together, but should not be very crumbly.
How cool sushi
Put the cooked rice in any bowl, pour rice vinegar and mix. Allow rice to cool and absorb the sauce. Under the influence of the latter figure would be a bit more crumbly, but easy to shape. For cooking and a sushi roll, the rice must be warm. Then it is easier to work with.
While cooking the rice, take the Makis, and wrap it several times with plastic wrap. Make neat holes in the foil to release the excess air (bubbles). Lightly grease Macy's in the film on both sides in fat (e.g., mayonnaise) and then wipe with a linen or disposable towel. Thus, the film will not be in the folding roll to stick to itself.
Take half a sheet of nori (or a list – then get a big roll), put it smooth side on Macy's, the rough – face! Although this is not very crucial at home. On the rough side of the better stick figure, and smooth looks good on the outside.
How cool sushi
On nori put 100 g of the already prepared rice ball, with about a palm) and spread it with your fingers until the side and bottom edges. The top edge (about 1.5 cm), leave the rice for zahlyosta.
How cool sushi
Next, choose either flip the roll and spread the filling on nori. Can be lubricated with mayonnaise, nori, lay two slices of tomato (without the seed part), a bit of fried perch, a small leaf of lettuce.
Or just lay out the toppings on the rice. For the classic tuna roll, for example, enough to put 15 g (2 cubes the size of a little finger) of unfrozen tuna.
The last is to wrap the roll with Macy's. At first it seems difficult, but it takes only a little skill. Take Macy's over the edge, and holding simultaneously the edge of the workpiece roll, start spinning the Mat myself. Tuck the edges of the Makis and nori to the center of the workpiece and press it gently with your fingers. Hold the left hand, the right wet left zahlest water to roll at the end stuck together. The thumb and forefinger of the right hand to pry the edge (a quarter turn) and left hand prokatyvaja roll under the Mat forward. Salmon it square, round or teardrop-shaped – as you like.
How cool sushi
If the roll twisted figure out, then at the end roll it in any color caviar (masago or tobiko). Again press the roll in the Mat.
How cool sushi
Line the edges of the roll. Pulling the roll to the right edge of the Makis, and wrap it roll again and your right hand seal roll side, do the same with the left side. Roll ready and can be cut into 5-6 pieces. Rolls of large sheets nori, cut into 10 pieces.
How cool sushi
Serve the rolls on a flat plate, adding ginger, wasabi and soy sauce.
How cool sushi