You will need
  • The presence of the Internet Explorer.
Deleting search history in Google Chrome. In the program settings (logo key, located in the right corner beside the address bar), you need to select "History". On the next page, on the right you will see a text link "Change elements" – it is necessary to click. After, in the opened window click on "Delete browsing data". In the menu that appears, select the areas of history that you would like to remove and click the corresponding button.
Deleting search history in Internet Explorer. Click on the menu "Security" located in the upper right corner of the browser, then select "Delete browsing history". You will see a popup window where you need to mark those elements you want to erase. Selecting items, click on the "Delete"button.
Deleting search history in Mozilla Firefox. In the top menu of the browser, select menu "Tools". Then follow the link to clear recent history. After will open the corresponding window, click on the arrow to "Details" and tick the "Log forms and the search" and click on the graphic link "Clear now".
Deleting search history in Opera. On a side browser tab click on the History icon. After that, selecting the desired day of the week, click on the Delete icon. Information will be deleted permanently.