The logo of the company is its symbol. It needs to be recognizable and memorable, beneficial to distinguish your company from your competitors. The nature of the design of the logo (for example, strict or fun) depends on the developer and the wishes of the client.
The first stage of creating the logo - collecting information about companies. for which you come up with a logo. What is this company, what it does, what is different from the competition? Not least, what is the target audience of the company. Information you may provide, the company itself, or can be found on the Internet. In any case, the more information the better: you will be the most accurate representation of the company.
Make a few sketches. Probably some of them will seem better than others, and you will begin to develop it. Making an outline, you decide what your logo, text, or consist of text and images? And that, and that option can be successful, however, in some cases much more advantageous will look, for example, simply text logo.
After working on the outline, move the most successful on the computer and see how they look on the screen. This is very important because the logos is a different look on paper and on screen.
The logo should not be too bright, so be careful with flowers. A good logo is obtained by using one or two colors or one color and its shades. Each color carries a certain message, so when choosing colors be aware that simply no logo is, for example, to do a bright red or orange.