Advice 1: How to get rid of holes on face

Pores are formed in people with oily skin, as after acne still dimples. Sometimes the pores to dilate so that the skin surface becomes mountainous terrain with depressions and elevations. Narrow pores in various ways. The main thing - the regularity of the procedures, not the cost of the used resources.
How to get rid of holes on face
The most important thing for skin - cleansing. This is especially true for people with enlarged pores. Rinse twice a day means, which tighten pores. Or after washing with plain soap rinse the face with water with lemon juice (1 tea spoon in 500 ml of water). After cleansing, wipe the face lotion with salicylic acid.
Make a mask out of clay. Add the clay a little essential oil and apply it on the skin for 10-15 minutes. Oil would be good, but the special effect is observed when using tea tree oil. After the mask, rinse your face with water with lemon juice and apply a moisturizing (not nourishing) cream.
Helps to tighten the pores and the following tool. Mix equal parts honey and ground cinnamon, and apply the resulting paste on face and leave to act for 7-10 minutes. Carefully rinse the skin, and to enhance the effect can make a mask of fresh cucumbers.
If the pores you have a strong enough extended, purchase a cream for the treatment colloidal scars in any pharmacy. Apply it daily before sleep. Gradually the pores will start to taper off, leather lining, and complexion to improve. But do not forget about the other cleaning procedures.
Regularly use scrubs to clean pores. Apply to damp cleansed skin and massage thoroughly. You can also replace using a scrub microdermabrasion. The remedy for microdermabrasion contains acid and a special form of abrasive particles. But doing this procedure it is possible only in the period when the sun is down (winter and early spring), or can form spots.
When all else fails, and you just dream about smooth skin, visit beauty parlor. The specialist will inspect the General condition of the skin and will choose the most suitable option of resurfacing is the most effective and fastest way to achieve the desired result.

Advice 2 : How to get rid of freckles

Few believe that freckles adorn their faces and try every imaginable and unimaginable ways to get rid of them. However, specialists recommend to start with, try simply to prevent from occurrence. And for this purpose perfectly suited a good sunscreen.
How to get rid of freckles

It should be noted that this tool can benefit both women and men. However, it is necessary to comply with the rule, which says that light skin should use sunscreen with a large SPF numerical coefficient which shows the degree of reduction skin absorption of ultraviolet radiation. To use such a cream must approximately since March. Apply half an hour before going outside.

Experts recommend that people who are prone to freckles not to go outside the “peak” of solar activity: from eleven in the morning until three in the afternoon.

The formation of melanin pigment substances, which appear freckles, prevents vitamin C, so its consumption is recommended by specialists.

To get rid of freckles that have appeared on the face, on their own, allow diverse modern bleaching lotions and creams. However, their use is fraught with dangers, the cause of which may be basic ignorance. In order for the best effect, you need to be knowledgeable not only about the type of own skin, but that skin requires a substantial period of time. In addition, the use of bleaching agents is recommended in the evening to a reduced resistance of the skin to sunlight was not the cause of burns.

A huge number of folk remedies are also quickly enable you to get rid of freckles. The first in this list is a decoction of chopped fresh parsley which should infuse for at least three hours. This broth is recommended to wipe the face twice a day, morning and evening.

Next in popularity is a decoction of dandelion root, which is made and used similarly to the decoction of parsley. The same effect have herbs such as yarrow, licorice, and bearberry.

The mask of fresh cucumbers and berries mask of red currants and strawberries are also popular, along with fresh cucumber juice.

Use for bleaching facial citric acid, requires special caution because it may cause irritation: a procedure must end with the application of nourishing cream.


Advice 3 : How to get rid of acne scars

In most cases one only getting rid of acne problems and suffering do not stop on the face can be unsightly traces, stagnant spots and scars. Showing enough care and patience, you can get rid of these unpleasant consequences. What should be the skin care after acne?
How to get rid of acne scars
To your skin the recovery period is extremely important update - "damaged" layer must be replaced by new and healthy. Therefore, exfoliation is an essential process that you should carry out regularly, several times a week. The better exfoliate the skin? The scrub with natural particles and extracts the best solution. Herb extracts and chamomile disinfect the skin, perfectly calm it and heal small wounds. As the granules in the composition may contain ground pits of apricots or walnuts. The scrub should be soft and not irritate the skin.
You can prepare yourself scrub like oatmeal. Take a couple tablespoons of rolled oats and lightly chop them in a blender. Then spread them in a decoction of chamomile or green tea, apply to face and massage well for a few minutes. Green tea is an excellent antiseptic and regenerative.
Mask of clay also are excellent on the skin's ability to regenerate. You should pay your attention to the green and black clays, which contain a huge number of substances responsible for skin restoration. In order to enhance wound healing and smoothing effect of such masks, add a few drops of tea tree oil. It is a strong antiseptic substance.
Salicylic acid is a wonderful component of many cosmetic products that helps the skin to flake and updated. Therefore, look for a salicylic acid gel cleanser, exfoliating tonics and tools - they will save your skin from damaged and dead particles.
Hydration is an essential step in the recovery process of the skin. Choose light gels with natural extracts and oil free, they will also help the skin to renew and lining.

Advice 4 : How to get rid of wrinkles

Wrinkles is an essential attribute of past years, which inevitably appear on the face of the person, whether man or woman. Most often they can be seen around the eyes, forehead, corners of the mouth. So the question of getting rid of wrinkles of concern to all. Today taken various measures in order to find a universal means for combating wrinkles.
How to get rid of wrinkles

Quite a fashionable way today is considered a specialized system of exercises for facial muscles. To get rid of wrinkles quickly with hasbinding possible, according to experts, in the early stages, because the essence of this system is to make the facial muscles strong, which helps to improve the support of the skin. If concerned with the first wrinkles on their traditional appearance areas on the forehead and around the eyes, then, in the proper exercise of hasbinding, it is possible for some time to get rid of them.

Approximately thirty exercises that are included in the set of hasbinding allow almost for a week to see the first results in the fight against wrinkles: is changing the color and structure of the skin, the surface becomes firmer, gradually smooth wrinkles.

Experts say that of the thirty available to the exercises, every woman can select your own individual combination with which she will try to get rid of wrinkles.

Following the recommendations of experts, hasbinding need to do every day, at the same time classes one chooses for himself. For example, before bedtime, you can take a few minutes to explore the area around the eyes, lips, forehead and neck. For a start it is recommended not to strain and to do the exercises five times. To increase the load gradually, increasing the frequency of exercise up to twenty.

Experts hasbinding recommend to start training with approximately twenty five years. But it is worth considering the fact that zealous in this age should not be. The appearance of the first wrinkles is a sign of that it is necessary to proceed to more intensive studies that will help to return the appropriate muscles of the face and neck, and even to get rid of double chin.


Advice 5 : How to get rid of scars on face

Many women and men suffer from acne. Most often it happens in adolescence. The mess if this problem have managed to solve, often occurs, and the other on the site of the pimples and blackheads are formed ugly reddish welts, which to get pretty hard.
First of all, start to observe the right diet
First of all start to follow the correct diet. Best of all, if you recommend her doctor. Keep in mind that too sudden change in diet can cause the appearance of new acne and pimples, so be consistent and careful.
Start to properly care for the skin. Consult your doctor, let him prescribe drugs (as for use internally and locally), special cosmetic products. Skin care you can make in salons. Most often they use products that contain acid, which causes exfoliating and whitening effect. As a rule, the treatment lasts for at least three months.
Try out some beauty treatments, aimed at removing scars. The most common treatments are peelings. Peelings are very different. The degree of impact they are divided into superficial, middle and deep. The latter even prohibited on the territory of our country (for example, using phenol), since this pill is used the half lethal dose of the substance.
There are chemical peels, which are applied to the skin of preparations containing acid, and then those that counteract it. At the end of this procedure, the superimposed face mask.
There is also a massage with the use of liquid nitrogen. This procedure is also called cryo. In this procedure, use a cotton swab to problem areas apply liquid nitrogen or sent a jet of very cold air.
The microdermabrasion is a skin polishing with the aid of powder of aluminum oxide. Also exfoliates the skin perfectly, but has no effect on newly formed acne and pimples.
There are also laser resurfacing of the skin by which the skin of lasers of different power. This procedure is performed under General anesthesia, when it is removed the top layer of skin, so it is in itself very painful, but very effective.
In addition to the professional treatments you can try to cope with the scars and folk remedies at home. Here are some tips:
Recipe 1.
Tablespoon of green clay mix with warm water until the consistency of porridge. Pour into this mixture a few drops of rosemary oil, mix thoroughly and apply on the scars and blemishes. After 15 minutes rinse face apply the cream.
Recipe 2.
A tablespoon of honey and mix with a teaspoon of cinnamon and apply to the entire face. This mask cleans the skin and accelerates the disappearance of scars.
Recipe 3.
Finely chop a bunch of parsley and pour 200 ml. boiling water, let stand for half an hour. Then cool the broth and fill the ice tray. Freeze and wipe your face every morning so the ice cube.
Remember that all procedures should be carried out not from time to time, and systematically.

Advice 6 : How to get rid of redness in one day

Everyone's skin requires special and very individual care. Unfortunately, sometimes it is covered with red spots. The reasons for this phenomenon quite a lot. But you should know that this problem can be fought and sometimes even yourself.
How to get rid of redness in one day
You will need
  • - chamomile;
  • - parsley;
  • - cucumbers.
The first thing to do is to find out the cause of the redness. If the red spots is an allergic reaction to some product or cosmetic, you should stop its use.
When you have skin problems it is best to consult a dermatologist or beautician, but if you have no such possibility, you can try to eliminate the redness on their own.
The cause of redness may be irritation of the skin caused by heat, wind or other natural factors. If your skin is very sensitive to such effects, then you should always be a lotion, cream or other cosmetic, anti-irritant. These drugs are better to buy in the pharmacy, carefully reading the composition.
You can use the recipes of traditional medicine. For example, the redness will disappear if you wipe the face decoction of chamomile. This plant is also famous for its anti-inflammatory properties. Soak in concentrated decoction of cotton pad and thoroughly wipe them a place of redness. The more often you do it, the less the likelihood of re-reddening of the skin.
Has medicinal properties and parsley. Take a tuft of grass of this plant, pour boiling water, then allow to steep for 20 minutes. After the broth has cooled, you can wipe over the skin. By the way, this broth can be used for washing, and also prepare the ice cubes.
To get rid of the redness and will help the cucumbers. Peel several fresh fruits, grate them on a fine grater. The prepared slurry was put into place redness. Keep the mask 20 minutes, then rinse. After this procedure, you will not only get rid of rednessand give the skin fresh and velvety. This tool is great for skin care face.
If despite all your efforts redness persists, consult a doctor, he can prescribe the right treatment.
Useful advice
Today there are many anti-Allergy drugs that don't cause drowsiness, but before you take some medicine, you need to consult with your doctor.
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