The most important thing for skin - cleansing. This is especially true for people with enlarged pores. Rinse twice a day means, which tighten pores. Or after washing with plain soap rinse the face with water with lemon juice (1 tea spoon in 500 ml of water). After cleansing, wipe the face lotion with salicylic acid.
Make a mask out of clay. Add the clay a little essential oil and apply it on the skin for 10-15 minutes. Oil would be good, but the special effect is observed when using tea tree oil. After the mask, rinse your face with water with lemon juice and apply a moisturizing (not nourishing) cream.
Helps to tighten the pores and the following tool. Mix equal parts honey and ground cinnamon, and apply the resulting paste on face and leave to act for 7-10 minutes. Carefully rinse the skin, and to enhance the effect can make a mask of fresh cucumbers.
If the pores you have a strong enough extended, purchase a cream for the treatment colloidal scars in any pharmacy. Apply it daily before sleep. Gradually the pores will start to taper off, leather lining, and complexion to improve. But do not forget about the other cleaning procedures.
Regularly use scrubs to clean pores. Apply to damp cleansed skin and massage thoroughly. You can also replace using a scrub microdermabrasion. The remedy for microdermabrasion contains acid and a special form of abrasive particles. But doing this procedure it is possible only in the period when the sun is down (winter and early spring), or can form spots.
When all else fails, and you just dream about smooth skin, visit beauty parlor. The specialist will inspect the General condition of the skin and will choose the most suitable option of resurfacing is the most effective and fastest way to achieve the desired result.