The main thing - seeds

"What seed - a tribe", says the proverb. Before seeding, the seeds need to look for suprasti, romanesti. Pukka seeds give sprouts. Whether or not disinfection of seeds - everyone decides for himself. Experts do not recommend to carry out extensive tests on the seed. It is sufficient to select a single method of processing, and to decontaminate seeds from hidden infections.

Soil is the second important indicator

For growing seedlings the soil should not be heavy, not sour, not wet. She has to pass water to be moderately loose and nutritious. After all, from the first days of the appearance of small plants, from the soil they will take the necessary substances for growth. In the preparation of their land mixes better than them additionally disinfected (potassium permanganate, the product Trichoderma) or steamed. Because diseases such as blackleg, Clubroot, root rot, can destroy seedlings in a short period of time.


To the seedlings was smooth, and seedlings were not above or below, are required to keep temperature, humidity, soil and air. Seeding tallyban, and this, in the first place: peppers, eggplants, tomatoes and many flowers in cold soil leads to a single germination and the weakening of the immune system of the seedlings.

The period of seedling growth

At this time, important is the correct lighting. Grown in the early stages the seedlings require supplementary lighting. The temperature at which seedlings are grown should also be considered. For example, seedlings of peppers, the temperature should be 25-28C, to cabbage - 18-20oC for cauliflower - 20-22oC. The optimum temperature range for seedling growth will be different.

It is important to take into account the density of the seedling. Every day the kids add to growth, and we need to ensure their eating area. For example, seedlings of cabbage just enough 5x6 cm, for tomatoes 9x9 cm, and the peppers will be content with an area of 8 x 8 cm

Properly conducted feeding will go to the health of any seedlings. It is better to apply liquid or water soluble complex fertilisers.


Conduct dive seedlings of important time. But crops such as cucumber and zucchini, it did not endure. Get peppers and eggplant there is a delay in growth. They are stubborn and can lag in the growth of peppers grown from seed in pots without picks. But the tomatoes and asters from the additional picks become even stronger.

Disease prevention

Seedlings should be periodically inspected. At the first emerging signs of the diseased plants are removed along with the soil. This place put new soil and all plants treated with biopreparations (fitosporin) or need a fungicide.