In the old days each family had its secret is in the preparation of sourdough. Some knead the dough in the evening or by moonlight, the other put the dough only near the well or the river. Although now these ceremonies in the past, however, in the preparation of the dough is necessary to observe some rules.
For the dough you'll need warm water or milk, yeast, flour and sugar. Yeast should be fresh. Usually per kilogram of flour take no less than 35 and not more than 50 grams of yeast.
Dissolve in one Cup of water or milk, yeast, add teaspoon sugar, stir well and put on half an hour in a warm place.
Prepare a bowl for kneading the dough. The best way to fit an enamelled or wooden vessel.
Heat water or milk to about 30 degrees.
Mix in water the yeast and add half the flour, cooked for kneading.
The dishes with the dough close with a cloth or towel and put in a warm place for fermentation. The fermentation time of the dough will depend on thickness of dough, quality of flour and amount of yeast, and temperature. If the dough rises too quickly, it is necessary to stir and move in a less warm place.
Under these rules, the sourdough you will quickly ripen. It should increase in volume by almost two times and its surface should be covered with bubbles. These bubbles are a sign that the dough is ready. As soon as it begins to settle, you should knead the dough.