The standard formula for calculating area of a rectangle is the product of its different angles and has the form: S=a*b, where s is the area of a plane figure, a and b are its sides having different lengths. To calculate the area of a square, you need the above formula to substitute him. But they are equal, so, to find the area of a right rectangle need to square its side. S = (a) in the second degree.
Now according to a certain formula of area of square to find his way, knowing the numerical value of the area. For this you need to solve the equation of second degree: S=(a) in the second degree. Is side "a" by extracting from under the root value of a square shape: a = square root of (S). Example: to find the side of a squareif its area is sixty-four square centimeters. Solution: if 64=(a) caudate, "a" is equal to the square root of sixty-four. It turns out eight. Answer: eight square centimeters.
If the solution to the square root beyond the scope of a table of squares and answer the whole, save the calculator. Even on the simplest machine you can find the value of under root of the second degree. To do this, enter the following set of buttons: "number", which expresses radical expression and "root". The response on the screen will be radical value.