You will need
  • Paper A4, sketchbook, plain and colored pencils, markers, eraser, paint.
Before you paint graffiti, you need to learn how to draw a sketch. A sketch is a sketch or sketch that you plan to display on the wall.
Draw a neat and beautiful sketch is not as easy as it may seem at first glance.
There are certain rules for the execution of the sketch.
First, look around carefully and you will notice places where there is already graffiti. The drawings you will see, can be divided into two parts. First to attract our attention with its vivid pictures, interesting color scheme. The second is clearly aspiring graffiti artists, which only detracts from the appearance of the walls with their drawings. Learn from artists of the first group.
To draw a sketchand prepare all the necessary materials.
Begin to draw simple drawings. Gradually, as you gain the necessary experience, will be able to make drawings three-dimensional.
The first thing you need to do is to learn how to display the letters of the alphabet. A short text – one of the main elements of graffiti. However, such letters is difficult to tell man, which is far from graffiti art. Letters, usually hidden from the eye in unusual forms. The letters, full of style bubble, we seem to be voluminous.
Budding graffiti artists often use their own name, which can become a unique signature.
Letters of his name, position at a small distance from each other. So you get a certain space for the expansion drawing of each letter.
Pencil used on paper the effect of depression. This will help you to properly adjust the thickness of the pencil lines.
Practice drawing hatching and shadows that create interesting effects.
Style bubble. Apply around the letter outline. Trace letter with a pencil with no sharp corners. Creating a circuit closer or further from the letter, you will get the desired thickness.
When you reach the desired thickness and roundness all the extra lines and the letter remove with an eraser.
The resulting picture can paint over the crayon, marker or paint.
If you liked drawn a sketch, try to put it on the wall.