The most difficult and longest version of book search is a search only by name and surname of the author. Most likely, on account of his not one, not two books, so through the search engine or the author's website you have to view the entire list of his works. There is no certainty that this way you will find exactly the bookI was looking for. Lack of information can lead to the fact that you get a completely different work.
Search is much easier if you know also the name of the author, the genre or some of the key issues discussed in it. At the same time make sure that the desired book on the genre is unique about the work of the author. Difficult to find a particular detective, the author who writes only detective series; it's also not easy to find a particular bookthat is part of a series with a single plot or similar themes.
Let's say search quote on their books. This tip is suitable mainly for poetry: collections of poems, plays. But prose and non-fiction is also identified in the search results, if the quote was accurate and unique (are not repeated in other works). For example, when searching for poems you can enter a line: "they Say that now in Vogue gray hair". Even without knowing the titleor author name or genre, you will get links to several sources of work.
The name of the protagonist – also a good search criterion. Usually the author tries to make it unique, non-recurring, as the nature of the character. Enter the name of the author or the genre and the name of the main character. Note that some characters used by the author of the book in the book, so the results can be several books. When you select a particular book conformed with his common sense. To help you commemorate the works of this series, which you've already read.