Let the other two sides are designated a and b, and the hypotenuse is C, Then, record the Pythagorean theorem can be in the form:(C) second power = (a) second power + (in) in the second degree. Before find the value of the hypotenuse, you need to find squares of other two sides. Construct the second degree of the first leg, then the other. Example: the legs of a right triangle is equal to 3 and 4 inches. Then (4) squared = 16, and (3) squared = 9
After finding the values of the squares of the other two sides, find their sum. Not it is necessary first to summarize the expression under the sign of the second degree, it will make it more difficult and confusing to answer. Example: 16+9 = 25.
Then remove from the square root of the sum. After adding in the above example produces the equation: () square = 25, hence, the final answer has not been received.
Example: if you extract the square root of twenty five is five. This is the numerical value of the hypotenuse.