Trade - the simplest and most affordable kind of business. The principle of operation is well known: "buy – resell". People used to buy food in supermarkets. Undoubtedly, it's more convenient. But you will find a place under the sun. Move the product to the customers, be attentive to their needs, carefully select a range of products. You can even go to the periphery, where little shops and low competition. You can trade directly "from wheels". In the future you will be able to get your own shop.
If you're skilled working with his hands, feel free to offer your services to clients. Someone needs to install plumbing, lay floor tiles, fix wall cabinets, install new doors.
Enter a team of artists and repair of the apartment. If you have a license you can enter into an agreement for the repair of larger objects.
Best business maintenance of the vehicles. You can not only repair the machines, but also to engage in their pre-preparation. This business requires no large investment.
Turn the kitchen into a little pastry shop for baking cakes and cookies. Identify great prices, find outlets for your sweet products.
In the market of educational services there is a demand for teachers. There is a constant demand for tutoring, teaching languages and music.
For children of preschool age are not enough kindergartens. Organize the conditions for children right at home. At first it may be the children of your friends. Over time, this may open a private kindergarten.
The population is aging rapidly. Make the purpose of caring for the elderly. Facilities in this plan is the most wide - from cleaning of the apartment prior to the organization of cheap travel.
If you own a computer and are well versed in information technology, earn on the Internet. You can start a website or blog, to attract it to the target audience and to profit from advertising.