You will need
    • heavy cream
    • yolks
    • sour cream
    • cheese
    • condensed milk
    • sugar
    • vanilla sugar
    • water
    • milk
    • chocolate
    • cookies
    • jam
    • cognac
Option 1. For varosliget ice cream: 400 g fat (e.g. 30%) cream, 3 egg yolks, 50 g milk, 50 g of chocolate, 100 g sugar, 1-2 tablespoons of brandy. Chocolate finely chop or grate.
RUB the yolks with a spoon with sugar. Mix with milk and chocolate.
Mass in a saucepan, place over low heat. Cook with constant stirring until complete dissolution of sugar and chocolate and thick.
The pot is put in cold water to cool the future of the ice cream.
In a bowl, whisk the cream until density. While beating, add a little brandy (it enhances the chocolate flavor and will even help whip the cream faster).
Cream with brandy and cold chocolate mix gently until a uniform color. Put everything in a bowl with a lid and put into the freezer until fully cured.
Option 2. Ice cream with karamelosanto: 1 l heavy cream, 8 egg yolks, 150 g of vanilla sugar; optional for making caramel, 150 g sugar, 50 g of water.In a saucepan pour the cream (not all, about 800 ml) and heat on the stove to form a "cap".
The yolks thoroughly beaten with sugar and adding remaining cream, whisking again.
While the bulk of the cream is still warm, gently combine it with the yolks and put on fire. Intensive stirring. As soon begin to thicken immediately remove from heat.
To make the caramel: pour into the pan with 150 g of sugar and pour 50 g water, to give Sahara to darken.
The caramel, stirring, quickly add the cream with egg yolks. All thoroughly, pour into a bowl (you can use a plastic box for freezing) and cool.
Option 3. Ice cream whip руку400-500 g of sour cream mixed with a can of condensed milk, add vanilla (or vanilla sugar), crumble the chocolate and biscuits or add berry jam. Stir again and put in the freezer. Instead of sour cream you can use cheese.