Accustom the dog to the leash only when she's fully accustomed to the collar. If you put on your pet two unfamiliar objects, he may be frightened and behave not absolutely adequately.
The first time, fasten the leash to the collar not on the walk, and at home. Let the dog walk with him friend to her room. Otherwise distract the animal from trying to chew an unfamiliar subject. In any case, do not use the leash as a toy.
The first time, fasten the leash to your dog's collar only 5-10 minutes. And undo it only when the pet is calm and not in the moment fight with a strange thing. So you eliminate the chance of fixing the negative response of the dog on a leash.
Wear a leash to your dog's collar at least two times a day. When it ceases to resist and protest, teach her to walk on a leash in the apartment, treating with something tasty. The number of treats, gradually reduce, turning a walk on a leash in the routine.
For the first time outside on a leash, the dog is again nervous, panicked, scared and refuse to move. Try to calm her down, talk to her gently, stroke, treat favorite treat. Curiosity, as a rule, quickly defeats the remnants of fear, and the dog hits the road.
During the walk do not pull the dog against her will, don't hurt her. Try to gently control the pet, as if suggesting him in the direction of movement.
But at the same time don't let the dog pull you against your will. If necessary, it is better to make one sharp but short jerk of the leash. Remember that effort on your part you need to change the behavior of the pet, not for intimidation or punishment. The dog will quickly realize that the tension on the leash leads to unpleasant feelings and learn to adjust your movements to fit your desires.