You will need
  • A computer running the Windows operating system, printer
Click the left mouse button "start" in the taskbar and from the list of services, select "control Panel". Then you need to choose "printers and faxes". Depending on the operating system you are using, the name of the section can be adjusted. In Windows 7 and Vista this section is called "devices and printers". In the section there is a list of all connected to the computer printers. If several printers in the list, locate the model for which you want to print a test page.
For the selected printer move your mouse and press the right key. A context menu will appear with the printer. From the context menu select "properties" and click the left mouse button.
In the menu "properties" click the "General" tab, and click the left mouse button on the command "print test page". If the printer starts for the first time or have not used them for a long time, you will need to wait a few seconds (15 to 30) before printing starts. Just the printer driver, you need time to gather all the information about the system. In the future, the processing speed of printing will be higher. The parameters of the test page any printer is defined by default and the printer tested all the parameters of the printer. Test page for different models may vary.
When the print rate test page. It must contain graphics, text, samples of all colors are absolutely. There should be no distortions and irregularities. If the print was made using an inkjet printer, it must be free of any drips of paint.
When the printer finishes printing the page, you will be prompted to save the print settings. If all the parameters of the test page suit you, you can simply click on the "save print settings by default.