If you wish your pet has learned to spell her own name, it is better to choose a nickname, including hissing, whistling sounds and the sound of "R" sounds attract the attention of parrots, and the bird will be easier and more interesting to follow the master.
как обучить говорить карелу
Better to name your Corella is also easily separated in syllables, was not too long and not like the other Pets names or the names of your family members. If you choose a similar name for a parrot, the bird will be confused and not to take his nickname, and if you choose a long name, then pronounce it the bird will be difficult.
как приучить карелу к рукам
Of course, you choose a nickname must reflect the gender of your parrot. For females one can think about the nickname: Alina, Assol, Bertha, Blanche, Cooking, Glasha, Zlata, Jura, Luz Lira, Jane, Sarah, rose, rose, Frosya, Erica, etc. Suitable nicknames for males Archie, Anchor, Buran, Bosch, grey, whack, Thunder, Garik, Zhorik, Zorro, Icarus, croche, Neuron, Tristan, Shrek, Eric, Yarik, Yasha, Jupiter.
Все о попугаях, как назвать питомца
Because sex determination in young parrots Corella may experience some difficulties, you can pick up your pet and universal name, for example, Bessie, Stacey, Ronnie, Biasa, bisha, Wiki, tails, chacha, Cheech, Chucha, etc.
для кореллы как правильно обустроить
The choice of a name for any pet is very individual and depends on the taste of the owner. Look closely at your parrot, pay attention to what his character, what behaviors or appearance, and you will understand what the nickname would suit him the most.
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