You will need
  • request to provide certificate of incorporation;
  • receipt about payment of state duty;
  • - passport;
  • - power of attorney (not in all cases).
You should start by making a request for discharge. This document is written in any form, but must contain information about the tax inspection which are addressed to the requester, the name and bin INN or the organization to which you want the statement and the data that it must contain the date of preparation and signature of the responsible person.
It is also desirable to specify for which purposes we need a statement (appeal to the court, tender participation, etc.).
If the statement is paid, will have to transfer in the budget of the state duty. If your region has registered on, the request should be addressed there, it is also necessary to specify as a beneficiary.
To form bills by using a corresponding service on the website of the FTS of Russia.
If the request is made on behalf of a legal entity, it is better to pay the stamp duty from its current account.
Request for discharge and receipt of payment of registration fee can be sent to the tax in the mail or taken personally. If the second case does not do it himself the head of the organization, he should write a power of attorney employee, who requests this procedure. Otherwise, documents will not be accepted.
If everything is in order, a simple statement must be prepared within five working days after receipt of the request, and urgent - on the next working day.
If the organization do not pick up the statement personally, it will be sent by mail.