You will need
  • - the program "1C:Enterprise".
Read features download databases installed on your computer or
Run the program "1C:Enterprise" on your computer. If you have installed version 8.0 and above, that appears at startup window click on the "Add" button in the right part. Select create a database. For versions below 8.0, there are several similar sequence, but there are nuances.
Next, navigate to databases without a configuration for subsequent development, and then give it a name that will be displayed in the system window that appears when you open the program "1C:Enterprise".
In paragraph called "On this computer", specify the path to the directory in which to store your information base. On the next screen you should see the configuration window of the program with the entered name, if you did it right.
Select a positive response in the dialog box about creating a new information base. In the opened configuration window, navigate first to "Configuration" and then "Specify configuration file".
Please note that the previous action is relevant only in cases when you download the configuration (*.cf). If you use database data instead of loading the configuration, select "administrative tools" and then "Load database information". In any case, no matter what version of the program you would use to automate accounting in the enterprise, always read the instructions and thematic forums.