You will need
  • - thick yarn for knitting (different colors);
  • hook No. 4 (or more if the threads are too thick);
  • - the range;
  • - your child to try on socks (or record the size of his legs).
Start knitting from the sock to the heel in a circle. For this link 3 air loops and connect them into the ring. Make two air loop lifting and provarite in the ring 9 of columns without nakida. Again, make 2 loops of the climb.
In the second row begin to add loop – knit two-column without nakida in each loop of the previous row. So expand your knitting to the desired size, trying it after each number for the child in the leg. To socks not took the form of a cone, gradually reduce the amount you add in a row of columns. First, you can add columns every three loops of the previous row, then two, then one by one, in single loop – single column without nakida in the next two.
When I got the desired circumference of the foot, then knit without adding a loop to the ankle. Secure the thread with a different color for the heel. Count the number of stitches and continue to knit about two-thirds of them before the end of the heel. It is better to measure the length of child's foot, then to compare the size.
Fasten and cut thread. Fold knitted the heel in half and join seam of the columns without nakida.
Make two hanging loops of the instep and then knit columns without nakida, tying the leg in a circle. Tie the socks in height to the desired size, considering the fact that going to knit gum. It can be connected, alternating in front and purl two relief columns. Tying elastic band the desired height, secure the thread and cut.
Elastic relief knit in the following way. To the front is a relief of the column and do yo, enter the hook from the front side of the sock over the foot of the column of the previous row. Then do another yo and provarite the thread through two loops on the hook, then another two. Purl column fit the same, only hook need to enter from the wrong side of the sock.