You will need
  • - sand;
  • - gravel;
  • - cement;
  • - TES;
  • - building materials;
  • - coating for the roof.
For pigs, the need to build capital winter barn and machine tools for summer maintenance. To equip the pens for the piglets in the summer is essential. If they contain year-round only in a capital building, it quickly will become worthless, also in this case, it will have no time to fix.
For building a winter space must be filled with a solid capital Foundation. It should be set at a depth of 60-70 cm and at 30 cm above soil level. You also need to consider that the area of premises for keeping of pigs must be large, i.e. not less than 5 square meters per head. Each sow will need a separate machine, as with boars. Therefore, it is necessary to provide the desired Foundation size.
The walls can be made of any material, but on the inside machine for pigs. need to decorate the walls additionally sturdy and thick wood. This is to ensure that the animals are not gnawed through the wall, which they often do, regardless of the wall material.
The roof in the barn lean-to set, and the attic made small, so as the attic of the pigsty for anything not used. From pigs in there, it will accumulate moisture, even if you make a quality ceiling vapor barrier. When installing the roof, it is necessary to provide vents and remove them from the shed in the form of tubes.
Rough sex in the barn is made of cement by pouring. In the backyard is usually in addition establish hardwood floors. It will have to be changed frequently, as it quickly becomes unusable due to damp and the willingness of the pigs to chew. In order to avoid additional costs for repairing the floor, you can leave the draft floor, or to install gratings that are designed for keeping pigs in conditions of mass rearing.
The total area of the barn is divided into individual paddocks by thick timbers and pillars. Thus it is necessary to leave a sufficiently large corridor for the transfer of pigs from one machine to another and for ease of cleaning of the room. In the front wall of the corridor need to make a transom for the disposal of manure.
The whole barn should be covered by vapor barrier material on the outside. It should secure a thick layer of insulating material.
Summer paddocks can be made of thick planks with no insulation. Importantly, no cracks.