First you need a few times a week to clear the browsing history. For each browser there is a section of the history(Ctrl + H) which you will be able to do it. This will reduce the load on your Internet Explorer that will increase his speed.
Deleting “cookies” (Cookie) files will also increase the speed of operation of the browser. Cookies are files, which contain personal information about the user to the sites he visited. Remove them about once a week, it will bear fruit. In order to do this, for example, on Google Chrome, go to history, and deleting the history, you can select partition - delete Cookie files.
Clear the cache.
Remove unused bookmarks. The size of the file with bookmarks is reduced, thereby to increase a bit the speed download. To do this, simply select the bookmark that you do not use and remove them.
Disable the graphics on the sites. This will allow significantly speed up the work of the browserby reducing the amount of information on the page, how often the sites are graphic files which hinder the speed download. To do this in the settings of the browser , uncheck the box next to “Load images automatically”.
Disable unnecessary plug-ins, which in turn also slow down the speed of operation of the browser. If you don't use them, just remove them.
Install the latest version of the browser with all updates and patches. As a rule, new versions of browsers are working faster than their predecessors."In the caring hands of" your browser can be transformed to thank you speed up its work, you just need to periodically “take care” for him.