The duration of loading webpages or downloading media files to your computer directly depends on the speed supplied by Internet connections. Ask your provider the settings of your tariff and check how well services are available.
The speed of the Internet connection depends on the connection method to the network. It is known that work through a PBX or old kinds of modems much more difficult to access the worldwide web; problems in the connection can not be caused by problems with the provider, and poor phone wiring in your house. Think about the modern types of connection: cable or wireless connection. Be careful: the more devices connected to your Wi-Fi network, the lower the signal quality on each of them. To protect your traffic, put a password on personal Wi-Fi and try to connect extra devices to your wireless network.
The problem of slow loading webpages can reside in the computer. Old operating system or viruses on the system disks to significantly slow the operation of the device. Ensure the safety and comfort of your computer. Install a quality antivirus, scan the computer for threats and neutralize them. Reinstall the operating system if you did it over a year ago.
Significantly speed up loading of webpages can reduce the size of the downloaded file. Usually pagesand the Internet has not only textual content, but a lot of visuals: pictures, moving ads, automatically playing music. In the settings of your browser, set the ban on foreign pop-up pagess, disable loading images and audio files.
If you often use the same website, not necessarily every time to load its pagesfrom the Internet. Use the built-in memory on the browser. To do this in the settings of the web browser activate the "save cache". This will allow you to load previously viewed pagess from memory, without them the Internet traffic. Don't forget to limit the amount of Cache and the time to clean it, because "cluttered" memory reduces the download speed.
Always update the version of your browser, because each of them becomes more mobile and functional than the previous one. Turn off unnecessary functions, and activate the ones that speed up loading of pages.
Switch off unneeded applications on your computer, because their work requires energy resources and takes over the part of the provided traffic.