Advice 1: How to display the percentage

In any sphere of activity, the question may arise, how to get percentage. It's pretty simple arithmetic operation that you want to remember to everyone. There are several variants of the calculation, allowing to master the operation and everyone can, the main thing is to remember the sequence of actions.
How to display the percentage
You will need
  • pen and paper, calculator
Percentage (N) is a single number (P), the latter is always equal to 100%. Thus, it turns out that our desired number has 100 equal parts, and we need to find N parts from him. We make a proportion:P=100%
?= N%is also Under question hides a number comprising we need the percentage. For the proper preparation of calculation use the rule of "crossroads". To calculate the number hidden under the question, multiply the known value of the standing crosswise and after the split on the known number of the second pair.(R* N)/100=?For clarity, we define specific values:37=100%
?=7%(37*7)/100=2,59 ie 2,59 this number represent 7% of the specified value.
The proportions can be of the following types:1) ?=100%
Z= N% here, Z, the number constituting a predetermined percentage from an unknown whole number.
The formula is: (Z*100)/ N=?2) R=100%
Z= ?% calculation formula: (Z*100)/P=?
But how to calculate percentage on a calculator when the numbers are large, and in their mind to divide and multiply there is no time or opportunity? Or to perform actions according to the above formulas, or to simplify a task and to carry out a program of action. They are standard on all models of calculator.Enter the number, percentage from which you want to find.Press multiply (X), the value of the desired percentageand then "percent" (%) – the latter performs the action of dividing by 100.
Useful advice
If you want to add or subtract a certain percentage from a given number, instead of a multiplication sign, you should use minus or plus: for example,
"37" - "+" - "7" "%"
"29" "-" "6" "%"
After clicking the button "%" calculator will give response to your action.

Advice 2: How to withdraw money from the LLC

When you are the owner of the company and its Director have unlimited access to her funds and have the right to withdraw money from the LLC, if they wish. But an equally important question: how this can be reflected in the accounting entries, so as not to arouse objections from the tax authorities, which can be fraught with penalties.
How to withdraw money from the LLC
Just withdraw money from the accounts of OOO you have no rights – any operation with the Finance needs to be justified. To justify the removal of money from a business account you can as a loan, the issuance of a report and the payment of dividends to the founders. In the first two cases to obtain the money will be easier, but this excuse as a loan initially assumes repayment amount after some time. Leaving the money in your use, you will have to pay the tax to incomes of physical persons.
Consider the loan option. It is available to any founder, even one that is not registered in the state enterprise. There are no restrictions neither on the size of the issued amount of any of the terms on which it is granted. Sign the loan agreement and transfer money to the account or give them cash over the counter. If you are not only a founder, but also the Director of the enterprise, the act is not prohibited to sign an agreement with the two parties – and as a Director of the lender and as the founder-borrower. The receipt of funds under the minimum or zero percentage is treated as income, so the company will deduct from you income tax. It will not need to pay only in the case where the received loan was spent on the purchase of a new home.
If you loan is not going to return, at the expiration of the Statute of limitations (3 years) accounting needs to calculate NDFL with material benefit, which is equal to 35%. This loan will be taken as your income, as an individual, you will have to pay him another 13%, which your accounting Department has to withhold from any of your other income.
Withdraw money from the LLC you can by issuing withdrawable amount as the funds issued by the "under report". To them can only be an employee of the company within the limits prescribed in the accounting policy of the company. The documents governing this policy also needs to be installed the return period or reporting on these funds. When received "on account" funds were not returned, the money is considered as income of the person receiving them, and he has to pay 13% of personal income tax from this amount, the company must charge them the premiums. In this case, the tax is 35%, no need to pay because of material gain when paying the amount "under report" does not arise.
To get money you can and as dividends are profits distributed among the founders. You can get them only in the case when the company break-even. To pay, if the net assets of the company is less than the amount of the authorised and reserve capital. If your enterprise operates at a profit, hold a General meeting of the founders and mark it down the decision on payment of dividends. The frequency with which they can pay, needs to be spelled out in the Charter of the enterprise. With the amount of dividends the rate of personal income tax is only 9%.
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