You will need
  • Two needles No. 3
  • Yarn
  • - Tailoring meter
  • - Needle stitching details
  • Hook
Calculate the required number of loops for knitting mens hats. The easiest way to do this is by associating a square of fabric 10 by 10 centimeters. Obmerte tailoring meter head circumference (the upper half of the forehead) and proleite to centimetric graduations knitting pattern. As example, consider the density in 33 rows and 28 of the loops. In this case, you need to take the spokes №3 and score them on the 142 loops.
Start to knit the headpiece is an elastic band 2x2 (two obverse and two reverse loops) and make a knitted fabric 14 inches tall (you can adjust the size, if the future owner knitted hats try on the unfinished work).
Next, begin to diminish the loop in the following sequence: once the front row must alternate the two front loops with two purl, knit together. The number must end in a facial loops, and the cloth to decrease a total of 35 loops (142-35=107).
Keep at it, somewhat altered pattern of bands: two reverse loops and a front now interspersed throughout this series. He finished with a pair of purl stitches. Make 5 rows like this band.
On the sixth row again, followed by the reduction of loops. Knit front; then promazyvaetsya together the two loops is also the front; the front again, etc. At the end of some elastic band turns into the front surface. At this point in our example, the spokes 72 will remain loop. Follow this 3 series hosiery knitting.
Then knit a hat you need, gradually reducing the canvas for a smooth curvature of the product. Alternation in the working ranks will look like this:

- 3 the front, two loops promazyvaetsya together the front and again facial;

- 3rd row hosiery knitting;

- 2 front, 2 front and 2 together front;

- purl 3 rows hosiery knitting;

- 3 "stocking" series; on the left spokes 44 loop;

- alternate front loop with two consecutive facial, knit together;
Dokazyvaya the tip of the headdress: make one purl row, continue promazyvaya together every couple of loops. You learned how to knit men's hat knitting. You only have to string the remaining open loop on the long thread of the same color, who have been all the product. More firmly secure the tip cap and with a hook will pull the loose "tail" on the wrong side of things. Detail put it face down and gently run the connecting seam.