You will need
  • Computer, Internet access.
Immediately noteworthy is the fact that different forums on the Internet, can work on different "engines". On this basis, the features implemented on one forum, may not be available on another. For example, today there are resources that give the user a possibility to edit messages (one to three hours from the time of its publication). Some forums allow and even delete posted message. Let's talk about how to perform such actions.
First you need to go to the forum using your user name and password, and then leave a message in a particular thread. After the message is published, you will have the opportunity of editing (this function is available on all types of forum engines). To edit a message, you need to click on the appropriate link. This link you can find the opposite of the message. If you want to delete the post, the corresponding button will also be located in the box to the left of the message (if such a possibility is envisaged). If deleting a post is impossible, you can just delete the record, leaving instead a set of symbols (so that no one could read your statements).
If correct the message fails, you still have the possibility of its removal, but this will require a good reason. If to speak easier – to remove your post, you should contact the moderator section. If it deems your request is appropriate, the message will be deleted. Note that moderators do not always meet the user with such requests.