To perform this exercise take standing. Legs put together. In the hands take the bar top grip. Keep the back straight, not bending when doing exercise. When you inhale, lift the barbell by bending your elbows. Softservices in this position for a few seconds. Slowly lower the bar, making the exhale. Repeat this exercise 6-8 times, 3-4 approach. Thus, you are effectively working on the elbow, short radius, long radial extensor of the wrist.
When performing this exercise, accept the starting position - sitting on the bench. The post take the upper grip. The forearm position between the thighs. When you inhale straighten the brush up and toward you. When you exhale close them. This exercise is excellent strengthens wrist joints, making them stronger. Do it 8-10 times, 2-3 approach.
For this exercise, take a starting position - sitting on the bench. The post take up the bottom grip. Forearm position on the bench. When performing exercises watch your back, it should not SAG. Slightly unfold your hands, and inhale. Gradually bend them toward you. At the end of the exercise exhale. Thus, the training will focus on the radial and ulnar flexor of the wrist, and the superficial and deep digital flexor and the long Palmar muscle. Repeat this exercise 6-8 times, 3-4 approach.
Performing exercises to workout your wrists, do not make sudden movements and jerks. This muscle group is prone to increased injuries. Also don't forget to follow the correct breathing, making timely inhale and exhale. To comply with all the recommendations you will achieve the desired result in a short time.