Typically, if the operating system is Windows, and the user with the installation of Photoshop agreed with the proposed location of the files, the folder is located on C:/Program Files/Adobe/. Then you need to select the folder with the installed version of Photoshop. For example, if you have a version of CS3 (4 or 5), then specify the path to extract files from the archive into this folder - Adobe Photoshop CS3 folder Presets, and Brushes. From the archive will retrieve a file or multiple files of brushes with the extension "abr".If the computer's operating system is Mac OS, then unzip the archive to the applications/Adobe Photoshop CS(version)/Presets/Brushes/.

Open Photoshop. If it at when you add files with a new brush was active, it needs to be restarted. On the sidebar, the mouse will activate the Brush tool. After that, choose on the toolbar at the top of the "Brush" and click on the arrow near the window Brush. Then also activate the arrow in front of the Master Diameter slider. If the files have been unzipped to the specified folder, then they will appear in the list.

Activate any of the added brushes click. Clicking on it, a window will appear in which you will be asked to determine the added keys. To add brushes in Photoshop correctly, you should click on Append, then downloaded and unzipped the brush will be added to the end of the current list of brushes.

By clicking Cancel, the user cancels the addition, and if you click OK, the entire current set of brushes from the list will be deleted (but only from the drop-down menu list). The list will contain only new brushes. To examine and test the work downloaded brushes, it is best to press OK. If they for some reason do not fit, then you can activate the Reset Brushes command, and everything will return to its original state.