Select the picture that you later are going to turn into a brush. Clean it from the background using the eraser, but be careful not to "cut" the edges of the drawing. If possible, locate the image you want to use to create a brush, the blue background contrast with your pattern colors. It considerably will simplify the task. If you find such an image did not work, carefully erase the entire background. You can also paint it brushYu. Color again, select a bright, not suitable shade inside your future brushes.
Use the Magic Wand tool (Magic wand) to select the background surrounding the picture of your future brushes. Then hold down the Shift+Ctrl+I, thereby reversing the selection. Now in the highlighted area is your figure.
Click the top Edit - Define Brush Preset (Edit - define brush installation). A window opens with a thumbnail of your brush and line to enter the name of the brush. Enter the invented name and click OK in the window. Now in the brush list at the very end, there will be new brush, repeats the pattern you choose in miniature.
Try a new brush before closing the program. Create a new document, and on a clean background, selecting a brush from the list several times, click the mouse. Then a few times to draw the line. Everything is functioning? Great! So you've done all the work correctly.
Close the program without saving the changes in used to create brush pictures. If for some reason the brush does not appear in the list, then save the drawing in the format *.jpg and close the program. Then re-open Photoshop, open the file with your pattern and repeat steps 2 and 3.