Special training these dogs is not required. Keep the entire course for General dog training commands to ensure her safety on the bustling, full transport city streets. The dogs of this breed, training is a real pleasure, although many believe that the Shar-Pei training can not be. That's not true.
как научить щенка команде лежать
As soon as the puppy appeared in your house, teach him to understand his name. Do not use it instead of "me." His nickname, pronounced you, the dog should be taken as the signal "Attention", followed by the team determining its future behavior.
дрессировка взрослой собаки команда рядом
Act affection - a puppy needs to understand that being close to you, he's safe and any discomfort will not experience. Even if the rules of training is necessary to spank him, do not use your hand – take it to the twig.
как дрессировать щенка немецкой овчарки
Basic commands for Pei should be cautionary command: "No!", "Ugh!", "Stand!" and "come". Their development is described in detail in the literature. Classes with the puppy in the game and don't forget to encourage your baby for each correctly performed command. The friendliness of Pei is that to promote them often do not even need treat – a dog can please, inspire and encourage, just praise and affection from the owner.
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