Disconnect all the existing download, disable the torrent and your Internet browser. If you clog the channel inbound and outbound traffic, you may experience a very high ping, at that time, as if you disable any use of the access channel to the Internet, your ping will take the minimum value from the possible.
Disable programs in the background or running simultaneously with the game. A lot of processes which are carried out simultaneously, can significantly slow down system, which can increase your ping in the game. If you do not have enough resources, turn off the Explorer through the task Manager during the game, and after start again. Disable those processes that you started, and those that are going on in the background, but not the one you need.
If the above methods do not help, lower the system requirements of the game. If you put too high system requirements in the configuration, you can see high ping due to the fact that the computer is unable to cope with its load. Set the minimum requirements and gradually increase them as parallel tracking changes ping. Often, the main reason that the computer is unable to cope - weak video card, so pay special attention to configuration settings video.