You will need
  • -a set of tools (spatulas, equalizers, level meter, etc.);
  • construction spackling mixture;
  • -patience, flexibility and agility.
Before you begin, you should carefully check the room. It should be closed all the Windows and doors. The main rule - no drafts during the pouring and drying the mixture. In addition, still need to monitor the temperature of the floor. It should be not below +5-10 degrees Celsius. And, of course, be performed all work must to a clean and dry surface. To achieve perfect cleanliness in the room, floors need to be vacuumed. No dust should not be.
If the floor has any traces of oil, paint and other substances, it is necessary to remove them. Because they prevent adhesion of the mixture with the floor. With time these places will crack or potholes. Holes and cracks are carefully sealed. Again, to the new coating didn't come back after a while such defects.
Next, you need to extinct level. This is done by mounting a special device: a laser or water level. To achieve the ideal we need to determine the height difference and remove it using a floor screed.
How to level a floor under a <b>tiles</b>
The room is prepared. Now you can start. To begin the floor is filled with primer composition in a thin layer. All puddles and streaks need to be leveled.
Equally important is the preparation of levelling compound. As a rule, detailed instructions on how dilute the solution is on the packaging. And it looks as follows. In large construction capacity is poured the required amount of water. There is filled with the dry mixture and thoroughly mixed until a homogeneous mass without lumps and impurities. Usually this procedure is carried out by a special device - a mechanical stirrer to achieve a perfect consistency. Important in the preparation of the mixture - carefully follow the instructions. Many people like to experiment with the amount of added water. If it is taking less than you need, the mixture will get thick and will not spread as it should. So, it forms unwanted lumps and bumps. If water is to take more (for example, to improve spreadability), then the result is reduced strength of the coating, and it quickly covered with cracks and potholes. And yet it must be remembered that the prepared composition has the necessary settings for perfect alignment 10-15 minutes. Then pour half of it is necessary during this time.
Immediately after preparation the mixture begins to fill the room. Experts recommend to do it in bands of 30-50 cm, and then to distribute the mixture over the surface using a special spatula. It is longer and narrower than spatulas for walls. Remember that you need to pour carefully but quickly to prevent drying of the edges of these bands. And don't forget about the thickness of the coating. The manufacturer usually recommends what the value should be covering. If these recommendations are followed, the result will not be perfect. If too thin, pouring the floor will be fragile. If too thick - will not dry out inside.
How to level a floor under a <b>tiles</b>
Now give the floor to dry. This usually occurs after 6-12 hours, depending on humidity and room temperature. While the coating dries in 2-3 days. It is now possible to lay the tiles.
How to level a floor under a <b>tiles</b>