To make good in the bathroom floor, the works should be approached as carefully as you can. Fill the floor under the tile will require not only a thorough approach to the repair, but also the correct choice of materials. Otherwise, the floor will quickly need alteration, and the need to dismantle the cover and re-finish the floors it is unlikely someone will like is not only the additional inconvenience and financial costs.

Why hold the screed on the bathroom floor

The use of tiles for the construction of the floor in the bathroom is considered the most practical. Laying tiles much easier and faster to do on a flat surface. To align the surface of the bathroom floor, it is arranged in the screed. This approach helps the tiler to spend less time for the application of tile adhesive, mixing can be done in a minimum amount, and tile is easier to control during styling.

Before you run the screed, the floor of the bathroom must be clean and seal. To create the moisture barrier material it is necessary to choose the following: if you plan to carry out the treatment and the floor and walls, fit okleechnoy waterproofing. To protect only one gender is better to buy coating material. To obtain high level of adhesion of the waterproofing layer and the last floor should be treated before beginning work with a primer.

Floor leveling using screed

For leveling the floor in the bathroom is better to use mortar designed specifically for this purpose. The basis of such mixtures lies with non-shrinking cement. The drying time of such ties, and hence the creation of the topcoat will depend on brand of screed. The first few days should be careful to follow the regimen that is recommended by the manufacturer – this information should be on the packaging.

Alternatively, the sand-cement composition can be selected to be self-leveling. But if the floor is very uneven or has major defects, such a mixture will not work. It can only be used for the second alignment layer.

For example, if the bathroom you plan to install the system "warm floor", this option is for you. When dry the first coat of cement-sand screed on top of him laid a layer of insulation, then poured the second layer. The surface then needs to be re-aligned. After this screed is ready to improvement the floor covering.