Mixing warts onion and vinegar – you need to survive in vinegar or an acetic essence, the follicle is about two hours and apply to the wart overnight.
Removing warts juice of celandine is a famous and effective way. Just lubricate the wart fresh juice of celandine, until it goes through.
Removing warts with ammonia – soak the wart and RUB with ammonia.
Garlic plus salt – make a paste of garlic with salt, apply to the wart, top cover with polyethylene and secure. Leave the poultice on all night.
Lemon essential oil – a great helper in the treatment of warts. Enough to apply to the wart lemon oil and glue the plasters. Repeat the procedure every 3 hours.
To remove the wart you can and the usual vinegar – prijavite wart vinegar point. The procedure is done daily to remove warts.
Remove warts vitamin E - also an effective method of treatment which is up to 2-3 months. Thus it is necessary every day to put on the wart with vitamin E oil.
The juice of garlic plus honey is a great remedy against warts. It is important to observe proportions, and 3 parts of garlic juice add 1 part of honey. To apply until the wart disappears from the root.
To remove the wart, and using the strong juice of wormwood, which need several times a day apply to the full disappearance of warts.
The fresh juice of calendula is applied to the wart, tied and left for the night. Repeat until complete removal of the warts.