Advice 1: How to remove warts on the face

Wart — a skin disease, a symptom of which are small benign tumors, often of viral etiology, has the form of a papilla, or nodules. They can suddenly appear on various places on the hands, feet, and face. The reason for the formation of warts is a virus group, human papilloma virus. It can be transmitted not only through contact with the patient and using common objects of use, but after swimming in a public pond and even at the slightest cut while shaving. The reasons for the appearance of warts can even add the reduction of the human immune system.
How to remove warts on the face
Mixing warts onion and vinegar – you need to survive in vinegar or an acetic essence, the follicle is about two hours and apply to the wart overnight.
Removing warts juice of celandine is a famous and effective way. Just lubricate the wart fresh juice of celandine, until it goes through.
Removing warts with ammonia – soak the wart and RUB with ammonia.
Garlic plus salt – make a paste of garlic with salt, apply to the wart, top cover with polyethylene and secure. Leave the poultice on all night.
Lemon essential oil – a great helper in the treatment of warts. Enough to apply to the wart lemon oil and glue the plasters. Repeat the procedure every 3 hours.
To remove the wart you can and the usual vinegar – prijavite wart vinegar point. The procedure is done daily to remove warts.
Remove warts vitamin E - also an effective method of treatment which is up to 2-3 months. Thus it is necessary every day to put on the wart with vitamin E oil.
The juice of garlic plus honey is a great remedy against warts. It is important to observe proportions, and 3 parts of garlic juice add 1 part of honey. To apply until the wart disappears from the root.
To remove the wart, and using the strong juice of wormwood, which need several times a day apply to the full disappearance of warts.
The fresh juice of calendula is applied to the wart, tied and left for the night. Repeat until complete removal of the warts.

Advice 2: How to withdraw warts celandine

Celandine great – a perennial herb, with short vertical rhizome, passing in the thick branched adventitious roots. Stems erect, branched at top, glabrous, up to 100 cm tall. All parts of the plant contain a milky orange juice. The plant is poisonous. Its juice externally used for cauterization of warts, warts removal of calluses, dermatitis, early stages of lupus, etc.

How to withdraw warts celandine
You will need
  • - celandine;
  • - medical alcohol 70%;
  • - olive oil.
Methods of preparation of celandine to remove warts a lot. Ranging from basic lubrication warts the milky juice to slozhnopostanovochnyh drugs on vinegar, alcohol and water infusions. The easiest way of removing warts is cauterization of their milky juice of celandine. Tear a leaf of celandine, preferably with the stem, and lubricate the wart 2-3 times a day the milky juice appearing at the turn of the petiole. The course of treatment is 4-14 days. The wart usually turns black, gradually dries up and falls off.
For use in the winter, prepare an infusion of celandine on alcohol. Fill a glass bowl 2/3 of its volume of freshly picked, washed under running water and chopped leaves of celandine, roots. Fill to the top of the dish with alcohol medical of 70% or vodka, and leave to infuse for 3 weeks in a dark place. Filter the infusion and thoroughly wrung out through a gauze of vegetable raw materials, mix them. Store in a dark place. Alcohol tincture of celandine can be lubricated wartsand can be applied to them alcohol lotion for 15-20 minutes. The course of treatment – 7-14 days.
Very effective against warts is oil on celandine. Fill half-liter jar to the shoulder cut-up leaves of celandine, pour raw olive oil, so it it completely covered. Put a jar on the windowsill in direct sunlight for 2 weeks. Regularly stir the contents of the can. Upon expiration of the strain the contents of wring the plant material through cheesecloth. Wet a piece of gauze, folded in several rows, put on the wart and fix it with a patch. Change the compress 2 times a day. The course of treatment – 5-10 days.
Will greatly enhance the effectiveness of treatment of warts the use of Chelidonium, not only externally, but also receiving infusion inside. Although the plant is poisonous, take the infusion can, strictly observing dosage. Pre-be sure to consult with your doctor regarding comorbidities. Boil 3 grams of dry grass celandine 250 ml of boiling water, insisting 2 hours, strain and take a tablespoon three times a day. When HPV is recommended it is the combination of external application and internal intake of celandine.
Recycling celandine, it is necessary to observe safety precautions. Due to the high volatility of essential oils comes a profound effect on the nervous system.
Useful advice
Collect celandine in the second half of April – may – early June, cutting off the aboveground part. Dry in a ventilated area, at temperature not above 50-60 degrees.

Advice 3: How to remove a wart on hand

A wart is a skin growth that can occur in any person, regardless of gender and age. The removal of these undesirable appearance sometimes causes difficulty. But in fact, under certain rules and methods, the wart will be removed in a matter of time.
How to remove a wart on hand
You will need
  • Potatoes, celandine, the drug "Kriofarma", oxolinic ointment.
This benign growth can be removed as traditional methods, and with the help of modern pharmacology.
One of the most popular and quick ways in folk medicine celandine burning. Greater celandine is an herb grown mostly in the rural areas near fences, fences and walls of houses. This herb is popularly referred to as "night blindness". To burn the wart have the juice of this plant. To do this, make a slit in a region of the root, apply a small amount of this juice on the wart. Repeat this procedure three to four times a day and within a week the wart will disappear.
The following method is removal using the ordinary potato. It is desirable to use young fruit, as it is a large starch content, which removes the wart. Cut the potato in half and one of halves RUB the wart every two to two and a half hours, and thirteen to fifteen days the growth will come down.
Before using pharmacological agents it is best to consult a pharmacist to find out more about contraindications.
Inexpensive and effective drug isolated "Chistotel". He looks a bit like the toilet water in the sample. It is sold in all pharmacies and is available without a prescription. To put it should drop three times a day. We cannot allow the drug on healthy skin. To do this, use "Children's cream". Apply the cream around the wart and after treatment rinse. The growth needs to go during the week. The disadvantage of this method is that it is a bit painful.
Also one of the most effective it is possible to distinguish the drug "Kriofarma". Its main ingredient is nitrogen. To apply apply it on the wart, a slight numbness in this area - a side effect of medication. It will be enough one use. Growth will go in two weeks.
Common warts – testimony to lowered immunity. Consequently, to get rid of the papilloma by its increase. Daily vitamins and drink as much fluid as possible. To strengthen the effect possible, causing the wart oxolinic ointment or "Panavir". The first ointment you should use up to three times a day. It should be noted that this method is very long and will take approximately two months. Panavir will remove papilloma in 10 days, but you cannot leave a course of vitamins, otherwise increases the risk of recurrence of skin growths.

Advice 4: To what doctor to go to see the warts

As a kid, people put a lot of legends about the warts. The most famous – they say that they will show up if you pick up a frog. But these unpleasant lesions is not due to contact with amphibians.
To what doctor to go to see the warts

What is warts?

Warts – the outward manifestation of disease of the skin caused by human papilloma virus. They are considered benign tumors, although they can sometimes develop into a malignant tumor. These seals appear at any age, but most often in adolescents.

The appearance of warts are varied. It depends on the location on the body and how much she is injured.

To warts can appear at any place both single and groups. There are times that they are completely disappear without any medical treatment, but there is a possibility of their return and even spread to other skin areas.

There are six types of warts. Most often they are simple. This is a benign solid tumors that have clear borders and any form. Their color varies from light yellow to grayish black.

There are also plantar warts. Due to the constant pressure they become more dense and are covered by keratinized epithelium. If you cut the top of this seal, there will be a drop of blood. This is what distinguishes them from calluses and corns.

Flat warts – flat, smooth nodules, which are formed usually on the face in the area of scratching. Most often they occur at a young age.

Condylomas, or genital warts are the soft, moist bubbles of pink. They occur in warm and moist areas of the body, for example, the external genitals.

There are still warts with unusual shapes, for example sitting on the stem. They are formed on the neck and the head, especially on the hairy part.

What professionals need to address?

If you find yourself not the body of the wart, the first thing you need to contact a dermatologist. He will elaborate on the kind of wart and if the case is easy, will appoint treatment. But some types of entities can become cancerous because they are influenced by mechanical factors, such as irritation or friction. Then the doctor will refer you to a skin oncologist.

The skin oncologist will examine the pathological elements, and take from them a tissue biopsy, that will allow the specialist to determine the type of wart and to exclude the presence of a malignant tumor. If the formation is malignant, the doctor will prescribe appropriate treatment. He can also give advice on how to remove warts and to prescribe the appropriate method.

In some cases, it may require the help of a surgeon. He surgically removes the warts, and explains how to care for the wound, to avoid complications such as bleeding or nahravanie.

In very rare cases, you may need the assistance of other specialists. For example, if after removal of warts joined by an infection, then you need to consult a therapist or physician-infectious disease. The appearance of pus to come to the reception to the surgeon. Also, the doctor can remove scars that Mar the appearance of the skin.

Advice 5: How to get rid of flat warts on the face

The appearance of flat warts is the result of infection by certain types of human papillomavirus. Usually this type of warts, also known as Junior, is quite harmless. However, they are able to cover the entire face and create enormous problems with communication and self-esteem of young people. For getting rid of flat warts should consult a doctor.
How to get rid of flat warts on the face
Flat warts represent papules irregular or rounded shape, with smooth surface and clearly defined edges. Their diameter usually does not exceed 5 mm. the Color of flat warts can be from Nude to light brown. Very often they appear on the site of skin injuries – abrasions, scratches.
Before going for surgery, you can try to remove warts with ointments. Well help solkoderm, Kendall or podophyllin. Categorically not suitable for removing flat warts on face drugs with salicylic acid.
The method of laser removal of warts is considered the most modern. The processing of one education spent 2 minutes and rest after the procedure, the hole disappears for 2 weeks. With a laser may be very accurate to the micron, the impact on the wart, allowing you to keep the skin smooth and smooth. Laser photocoagulation is the most sterile method, and in addition, this technology covers the human papilloma virus is way to the skin, preventing recurrence of the defect.
Electrocoagulation – removal of warts using high frequency current. This is a bloodless method, also closing the access of the virus to healthy skin. However, the electrocoagulation is only recommended when a single and a shallow flat wart, because after it leaves small scars.
For a relatively inexpensive methods of getting rid of warts include cryosurgery (removal of liquid nitrogen) and surgical excision. Both these methods leave visible scars and not always effective. So choose them to remove the flat warts on face is not advisable.
Useful advice
Treatment of juvenile warts must be combined with protivorazgonnoy therapy and measures to strengthen the immune system. Otherwise, they can appear again and again.
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