You will need
  • a highly concentrated solution of salicylic acid;
  • - acetic acid;
  • - garlic;
  • - a solution of celandine.
Buy at the pharmacy a highly concentrated solution of salicylic acid. Well promazyvaya warts every day and hide them under the plaster. Smear should be daily for 1-2 months. After this procedure, the ugly growths disappear and no longer appear.
Take acetic acid or vinegar. Make a small cotton wick and two times daily lubricate them wart. Growths of small size will disappear after 6-7 days, but for larger warts, prepare a mixture consisting of acetic acid and flour (all in very small proportions). Cut a small piece of adhesive tape and in the center cut a circle with a diameter equal to the wart. Attach a patch so that it tightly around the wart at the circumference. Now in the hole directly on the wart , apply acetic-flour mixture, and on top put another layer of tape. Make a poultice at night and in the morning remove it. After the disappearance of the wart for about a week lubricate these places with the garlic.
Try to burn warts with a solution of celandine. But be careful, as the solution, which is sold in drugstores, is a very caustic alkali, and it can cause burns. Using a small pipette drip in the center of the wart a little of the solution. Try to get a growth. After the wart is deep dark or transparent area, solution rinse well with water. After burning, leave the wound to dry up and only a few days can with scissors or a blade to carefully trim away dead skin.
RUB the wart with garlic, making the cut at the kink. In a few minutes, take another slice and again grease build-up. Now RUB into the wart the whole garlic cloves. The procedure to do before going to sleep, and if you want to grease warts with garlic twice a day (day and night). Warts will start to go within the first two weeks, it all depends on their size. After the disappearance of the warts a few days lubricate sore garlic juice.