You will need
  • - 5 kg of grapes;
  • - 3 kg of sugar;
  • - 12 liters boiled water.
Separate winehail from the ridges (branches), it is not necessary to pre-wash it, so wash off the yeast on its surface.
Cleaned winegrad grab and squeeze the juice into any dish. If you have house canvas, can pressing , the wineGraden juice with it. After all the winecastle will be squeezed out, measure the quantity of the received liquid and record the result.
The remaining cake place in a saucepan and cover with water so that he was covered completely. After that, heat water to 70 degrees and again squeeze the cake. This is the juice of the second pressure, which is added to the mixture. Do the same again. Each time water is added, write its number.
Dilute the mixture with water. Its amount in the sum with a glove to the boiling point of water must equal the amount of juice the first pressure.
Add the sugar. The taste of the liquid will be like a sweet compote.
Pour all cans and put on top of the medical gloves. In order to keep them off during fermentation, place them under the paper, so the gas will be easier to bleed.
Three days later, try the wine and add sugar to taste. Then do this action every five days until the wine will not cease to ferment and become light. The sediment should fall to the bottom.
After three weeks of using the siphon clear wine from the sediment, add sugar to taste, and leave it in a dark room at room temperature for one month.