You will need
  • The computer program Everest
Program is Everest helps troubleshoot software environment of the computer, working with its settings. It can help to learn the platform of your computer. Download and install this program.
Open Operating system and the following Properties of the operating system. Find the Type of OS kernel. There you will see the words Multiprocessor Free (32-bit). This is 32-bit and is the platform of the computer. Instead of the number 32 could be another number.
There are other ways to determine the platform. On your computer go to start - control Panel. There find the System icon. Open it and you will see the system Properties window. There is all information about your computer, read.
To determine the platform can utility CPU-Z. Download, install and view the countdown. But the fastest way to the next. Point the arrow of the mouse on My computer. Right click and select Properties. A window will open with information.
Click "start" and "Run". A window will appear with the search. Mount it in dxdiag and click OK. There will be information about your computer. That's so simple to do this operation.