First, you need to prepare the ground. In this capacity, it is good to use ripe pineapple. The fruit must be cleaned from the skin, leaving green leaves on top, it is desirable that they were wide and dark green. From pineapple to cut down the slice to give it stability.
Further, it is necessary to find the range of berries and fruits that will be used to decorate a homemade tree. You can use cherry, strawberry, Apple, pear, bananas and other fruits and berries.
Ready jewelry thoroughly wash and dry with towel, allow to dry. Then, clothe, alternating fruits and berries for colour and shape on the skewers and gently stick made of palm wood. Fruits and berries can be cut into pieces if they are large in size, and can be left unchanged.
Skewers can be inserted in a circle, a diagonal or just along the pineapple. Whichever variation you choose, to get a very beautiful palm tree fruit. It is possible to use a toothpick or the nozzle for canapés, it is important not to insert them deep inside of the pineapple and make sure that they were located to each other at a closest distance.
Ready fruit a palm tree set on a large platter decorated with sliced kiwi, bananas and oranges. Here you can use any decoration of fruits, most importantly, choose them by color and taste preference. The bottom of the pineapple, it is desirable to decorate whipped cream high fat and sprinkle with chocolate chips, creating the illusion of a sea of sand. Exquisite presentation of fruits and berries in the form of fruit tree will surely surprise even the most discerning of guests and will become a worthy decoration of any holiday table.