You will need
  • Means for hair styling, hairbrush, Hairdryer, hair.
Before making a hairstyle, wash the hair and dry. Apply a styling product to the hair. Now there are many different mousses, foams and gels for hair styling men's hair. Select a tool appropriate for the specific style you going to build the head of your men.
Apply it on hair throughout the length. Further hair in the middle of head from forehead to nape safesite up a comb with both sides, overall, it was symmetrical.
Raise up your bangs (if any) up and send a little back. The resulting hairstyle would look stylish with a suit and daily clothes.
Pour the finished style with hairspray. Ready! Now you can at least walk, even in the club, even to go to work. In principle, this hairstyle will look great on the young and prosperous business man.
This hairstyle is perfect for men with medium length hair. If he has short hair, it should stay on the hair involving light mess on her head. If all the hair the same length, then on the sides they should be smooth, not to get something like a lion.