Gala dinner

The first thing that comes to mind is the woman to arrange an unforgettable occasion with delicious treats. The option is really great but has a few nuances. If you and so every day a lot of delicious and exquisitely prepared, the man's probably used to it and take for granted. That is, your lovely festive dinner, of course, will be accepted graciously and the man will enjoy, but replace the gift not – you just do not understand. Way – to come up with something really unusual and original, the man noticed that your efforts exceeded daily lunch and dinner many times.

Another scenario – if you cook you don't know or do it rarely and not very well. Here a delicious dinner cooked by your loving hands, man, will certainly impress. But the question is how to cook this very dinner without harm to the health of those who will eat it, if you normally such trifles do not bother? So the surprise was successful, choose dishes that are already cooked are your friends or relatives, enlist them with detailed instructions or even a personal presence, and do not leave the cooking to the last minute.

And I still can cross, and on the machine

Woman needlewoman – the dream of many men. Like much practical use for her embroidery and macrame do not bring, but watch as she sits, gently plucking the strings, the stronger sex, for some reason, I love it. If you know how to sew or to embroider, a great gift for a loved one for you will not be a problem for sure. Office workers will like handkerchiefs or shirts, decorated with an embroidered monogram, and the athlete is sure to enjoy a warm scarf, knitted by your hands. Don't forget on February 23 and the children. The boys can always associate warm socks or a hat, and even if you succeed to make the holiday a warm beautiful sweater, your household will have on hand just to wear.

An unforgettable evening

Their hands because you can make not only a sweater or a cake! Think about how to deliver the beloved man happy. This can be a relaxing bath that you cook for him, sensual massage with aromatic oils or a night of love, which embodied his innermost fantasies and desires. Remember that the gift that will be remembered for a long time. And most importantly, that it is good to receive and to give.