To calculate the force of gravity of the body (it is expressed in Newtons) required the values of two variables: body mass and gravitational acceleration. The acceleration due to gravity is a constant, approximately equal to 10 N/kg (N - Newtons). The acceleration due to gravity measured in meters per second squared or Newtons per kilogram. In our problem we are interested in the second option. A more accurate value for the acceleration of free fall g=9.8 N/kg. it Should be understood that the value of the gravitational acceleration g depends on latitude, height of the body above the ground, although in our problem we are unlikely to need this.
Put the body weight in pounds, if defined in another unit of measurement (grams, milligrams, etc.). This must be done in order for the kilos in the future declined, and it turned out true numerical value of the force of gravity.
Calculate the force of gravity according to the formula F=mg, where F is the force of gravity expressed in Newtons, m is the body mass expressed in kilograms, g is the acceleration of gravity expressed in Newtons per kilogram. Write down the answer.
The problem is solved.