Advice 1: How to glue nail sticker

If you love creative manicure, but fear that will not be able to draw a beautiful pattern or even paint your nails, use ready-made stickers. There are films that completely cover the plates, and small motifs, which are glued on top of nail Polish. Learn how to pick up and attach their stickers to significantly diversify and speed up the manicure.
How to glue nail sticker

Mini-stickers to decorate

You can find two types of stickers. First serve for decoration and are attached on top of the lacquer coating. Usually it is the motives of the small size, they decorate all your nails or only a few fingers. Stickers can be in the form of geometric shapes, animals, butterflies, flowers, monograms. A very interesting option - decal French manicure. It's best to use accessories from silicone, they seal tightly to the nail, no bristle, securely held.

Stick the stickers easily. A manicure, coat your nails with colored Polish. On the uncured varnish attach the selected motifs, released from a protective film, and press them with a wooden stick. Allow varnish to dry, and then cover the nail with a thick layer of quick-drying shiny top. It attaches the stickers to give the nail smooth and shiny.
Do not save time for the manicure. Stickers attract attention to hands and all defects will be evident.

Film manicure

Recently in Vogue another version of the stickers. Is a thin membrane that completely covers the nails, replacing regular Polish. The advantages of such coverage in the rapidity of execution, neat looking nails. Besides, the only way to make fashionable nail effect foil or to decorate the nails of complex small patterns. Stickers are sold ready-made kits, so you will be able to choose the right color, texture and pattern.
If you can not do the stickers yourself, do a dry manicure at the salon. In the future it will be easier to repeat it.

To nails look perfect, it is important to attach the stickers. Try them, selecting the options appropriate to the size of your nails. Too long or wide can be slightly cut. It is important that the stickers match the width of the nail, the length can be removed later.

Make nail Polish, removing cuticles and polished plate special bar. On the ridged nails will be difficult to form the film, besides it can quickly flake off. Degrease the plate using a special tool or liquid varnish remover. Remove the protective piece of paper with one sticker and attach the adhesive side of the tape to the nail. Press rmly so that the adhesive attaches. Minor folds smooth wooden or plastic stick. Do not use metal tools, they can tear film.

Making sure that the tape is stuck, proceed to the registration of the following nail. Take your time - the error of this manicure will be very noticeable. After, file his nails, removing the excess film. It is convenient to do ceramic or glass nail file with a moderately large grain. Done properly, the manicure will last a few days.

Advice 2: How to stick the nail sticker

Nail stickers – a quick and cheap way of creating a striking manicure at home. Even an absolute beginner after a little practice can successfully use this simple decoration.
How to stick the nail sticker
You will need
  • - nail stickers;
  • - nail files;
  • - softening agent cuticle;
  • orange sticks;
  • - cotton swabs;
  • - base coat for nail Polish;
  • - protective coating for nail Polish.
Before applying the stickers, you need to prepare carefully hands to manicure. Treat the cuticle on each nail special emollient and gently move her orange stick. Tidy fingers. If you have burrs, remove them by carefully cutting off the special tweezers.
Adjust the length and shape of nails, if necessary using nail clippers and a nail file. Buff nails with a soft nail file to make it smoother and to eliminate possible irregularities. Before applying any cosmetic products and labels degrease the nails by wiping them with a cloth soaked in alcohol.
Immediately prior to the manicure on the nail plate can cause layer of a protective or therapeutic agent and give it to dry completely. If you want to place the decal on a colored background, at this stage you need to paint your nails conventional varnish of the chosen color.
Take the nail stickers. Try them, choosing the best picture location. If the stickers completely cover the nail plate, some fingers, most likely, will have to trim the sides or in length.
Read the instructions of stickers for the nails. Some types of stickers before applying the must be wet with water. However, in most cases, the drawing you just need to remove the sticky tape with tweezers. Proceed carefully, taking care not to damage the sticker.
Attach the pattern to the nail plate and carefully smooth it out with a cotton swab, moving from the cuticle to the edge. Little stickers smooth from the center to the edges. Small defects on slavchemie or exploding the drawing will be mask, gluing them on top of the rhinestones or sequins.
When the labels are securely glued, fold the tape under the edge of the nail and cut off what sticks out. Carefully cut nail file curved edge. Make the tool small and neat movement from the edge of the nail to its Central part. At the end of walk on the tips of the nail file fine abrasive to remove all the nicks and protrusions.
To have a manicure with stickers stay longer, it needs to be consolidated. For this purpose you can use the conventional coating for drying and strengthening of varnish or gel expensive means of guaranteeing the safety of the picture for several weeks. Fixative gel is dried under a special UV lamp for 2-3 minutes.
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