You will need
  • olive, sesame or any other oil;
  • - rose petals.
Crush the rose petals and pour water on them. Then add the olive (or any other) oil in a 1:1 ratio. The resulting mixture is put on low heat and evaporate from the water.
Take two cups of rose petals and pour a glass of olive oil. This mixture steep for 2-3 weeks in a dark place, stirring occasionally. Then separate the oil from the petals.
Heat the oil to 60-70 degrees (not boiling), send rose petals and steep the mixture in a dark container for 2 days. Then remove the petals and add fresh. This procedure was repeated 8-12 times. The obtained oil store in a dark container.
Take a piece of cotton wool and put it in a jar so that it occupied about half the space. Next, fill the jar with rose petals and oilm. close the jar and set it in the sun. The next day remove the rose petals and replace them with fresh ones. The procedure must be repeated every day until the oil will not gain a persistent pink aroma (approximately 10-14 days). Then press the wool obtained oil was stored in the refrigerator.