Advice 1: How to make a rose out of the test

Homemade cakes, neither of you is inferior to the store. Sometimes the difference is only in the appearance of the product. And really want, especially during the holidays, and decorated with homemade pies and cakes were just as beautiful as store bought. This is not difficult! Roses from the dough will turn meals into culinary masterpieces.
How to make a rose out of the test
You will need
    • yeast dough
    • or
    • 4 eggs;
    • 1 Cup sugar;
    • 1 Cup flour;
    • food colorings.
From a yeast dough , separate a small piece.
On the table, sprinkle a little flour, podnesite the dough to make it more cool.
Roll out dough into a thin layer.
A glass or round shape with a small diameter cut out 4-5 circles.
Fold the circles in a row so that the edge of one circle went for another circle about 0.5-1 cm.
The connection of the circles, press down with your finger.
Roll the strip of circles in a roll. With a sharp knife cut it in the middle. Turned out two roses.
Spread the rose petals. The bottom colors slightly moisten with water and place it on the cake.
The same way do the remaining colors.
Roses on cakes make any other way. Whisk 4 eggs with 1 Cup sugar until the sugar is dissolved.
Add in beaten a lot in 1 Cup of flour and thoroughly mix all.
Divide the dough into several pieces, place them in different containers.
In the dough add food coloring of different colors.
On a hot pan, greased with vegetable oil, a teaspoon put the dough portions of different size (from 5 mm to a centimeter and a half in diameter).
Bake the petals in a hot oven until Golden brown.
The petals are baked remove from baking sheet immediately, not allowing to cool, the shape of a rose. First, the smallest petal of roll tube. Then the petals of the larger diameter wrap in a spiral around the middle. For a single flower, use 4 to 7 petals.
With a sharp knife cut the roses from the bottom, install it on the cake. Make the other roses.
Manufacturing rose for the second recipe, it's really hot, removing the petals from the pan. Use gloves.
Useful advice
Petals for the roses are baked very quickly, not desiccate them.
Vilaite the stems and leaves of roses, complete their composition.

Advice 2 : How to make a rose out of salt dough

Roses made from salt dough, you can use it to create murals, installations or decorating various interior items. To make them with their hands, it is enough to imagine how this blooms a beautiful flower.
How to make a rose out of salt dough
You will need
  • - flour, half a Cup;
  • - salt, finely ground, half a Cup;
  • water or PVA glue, a couple of teaspoons;
  • - a knife for cutting clay or a conventional knife;
  • - food film.
Knead the dough to create the rosettes. To do this, mix half a Cup of fine salt with the same amount of flour. Select regular, not iodized salt and flour with no additives, or the dough may "ascend", and the finished flower to cover the cracks. Add to the mix one or two teaspoons of water, mix thoroughly. Keep in mind that the batter should be very cool. If necessary, add a little more water. Instead, you can use PVA glue. The dough is mixed on its basis, has greater ductility and is less prone to cracking during drying.
Roll out the dough on the table, covered with cling film or a plastic bag, this cover will allow you to easily "unstick" future flower details. The thickness of the dough should be no more than three mm, otherwise the petals will look bulky.
Cut the tip of a knife of the future petals of roses, in form they should resemble the real parts of the flower. The optimal number of petals 10-12, but if the dough is thick, it is possible to make a smaller quantity. To make the brim larger workpieces for the center less.
Take a petal in hand and gently press with your fingers on the edges so that they become thinner and as it "fizzles". You can also make each individual petal shape, roughness, below a Bud looked more natural.
Start creating roses with the centre. Roll the petal into a tube, slightly lift one edge. The following obvate around the first petal, slightly tilt to the outside. So again several times, when the center of the Bud get enough volume, add the petals so that they are increasingly revealed.
Dry a rose at room temperature, periodically turning it on one, then on the other side. Then place in the oven and abrogate at temperatures above 100 degrees with the door ajar.
If one or more of rose petals broke off, glue them with PVA glue. Before painting flower, treat the entire surface of this adhesive that will allow the paint to lay down a more even layer.
Useful advice
Salt dough can be stored in the refrigerator for up to several months in a tightly closed container or in a food film.
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