You will need
  • A cardboard or plastic box with lid, paper litter, warmer.
Turtle, you need to prepare for transportation. Do not feed the animal for a half to two days, keeping access to water and normal temperature in the terrarium. It is necessary for the liberation of the intestine.
как кормить взрослую черепаху водянную
Prepare the transport capacity of a suitable size. Best of all, if it is a plastic container or a special carrier. Cardboard box not suitable for long trips because it gets soggy and can be terminated by a turtle trying to get out. Cover the container must have ventilation openings.
подготовить сухопутную черепаху к зимней спячке
The bottom of the tank need to lay a layer of coarse sawdust or paper. In the cold season, the necessary heating pad, hypothermia is extremely dangerous for turtles.
как перевозить кота в поезде
Place the turtle into a shipping container. It is desirable to fill the remaining space with crumpled paper so your pet is not hitting the walls. Capacity cover, preserving the access of air.
провести кота самолетом